The Team

We have decades of experience serving and supporting all aspects of your business, from data to insight and across operations, finance, marketing, and sales. We are innovators who think outside the box but who respect the integrity and discipline needed to make analytics successful. We build tools that empower and solutions that inform.

We also embrace the education and cultural elements of analytic support. We are trainers, teachers, and evangelists. We know how to build and empower data-driven cultures. We’ve done it many times before. From Start-Ups to Fortune 500s, we’ve built billion dollar success stories powered by deep insights and deep learning.

George Earl

Founder and CX

For more than two decades, I have been leading advanced analytic teams known for effective, innovative, and reliable delivery of measurable and impactful insights.

I have developed analytic teams, infrastructure, and professionals at all levels. I have deep knowledge of analytic techniques, business intelligence technologies, data management best practices, and educational processes.

My role as a leader at several of the world’s largest banks, technology companies, and numerous successful start-ups has provided me the opportunity to battle test my strategies and vision. I know analytic excellence and I know how to help you achieve it.

Ion brings a work ethic and discipline that is rare among analysts. He is dedicated to truth and best practice. But surprisingly, he matches it with the ability to step into almost any situation or challenge. It is a rare combination that fueled the success of the Start-up and Fortune 500’s that he has worked for. Better still, he is a leader and people manager who is able to pass on his discipline to others. In a world of innovation and change – that is rare talent indeed.

Ion King

Founder and CQ

Featured Associates & Alumni

Jack is exceedingly bright, mature beyond his years, and was able to contribute in situations where others with decades more experience feared to tread. He is setting off for college with greater programming and analytic skill then most will have at graduation. He is also a gifted communicator. His future is bright. His value was clear. I look forward to seeing where he goes next.

Jack Jankowski

Zack Vella

Zack is a driven and curious individual with solid communication skills and the ability to learn almost anything. He invests his personal time in learning and enrichment. He is not afraid to take risks, but he does so with a solid understanding of probability and reward. He is a truly remarkable individual.

Tim is a focused and resourceful professional. He is diligent in understanding requirements, addressing business needs, and focusing on delivery. He doesn’t shy from new challenges and is a strong communicator. He is an excellent database developer and a strong asset for any team.

Tim Anderson

Sadiki Solomon

Sadiki is very well-rounded and resourceful. He is a true self-starter who brings a great deal of professionalism to his role. For an undergraduate, his attention to detail and his big picture thinking were well above most of his peers. He will make a strong asset for any company and is bound to do great things after graduation.