Business iNtelligence

Great organizations recognize the power of reporting and information systems. These processes drive understanding, accountability, and change the very culture of your business.

Data-Driven excellence is easy to plan but not easy to execute. Insightful Business Intelligence can be a powerful agent for propelling your organization forward. Creating the right platform for your business requires the right levels of ingenuity and insight. Your business is a class all its own. You need an intelligence structure that gets you to the next level — the Nth level.

So don’t worry about best-in-class, focus on raising your game. Develop the tools that will influence your business the most and allow you to unlock the instincts and intelligence of your company. With the right help and the right intelligence — you will raise your level.

It Starts With Data

The infrastructure for business intelligence is built on data. Data is dependent on solid instrumentation. You can only work with what is measured and collected. That, in turn, needs to be synthesized into insight and knowledge. Collecting meaningful data requires a long view of business processes and needs. It may also require some ingenuity as data integration and disparity are a frustration for many businesses large and small.

You Need A Model

Often companies get lost in their modeling needs. For starters, your entire business should be drawn on a single piece of paper. Business and data models flow from there.

No one is ever very keen to talk about their business model (with the exception of aspiring start-ups). At Corsair’s, we have gone to great lengths to focus people’s attention on this critical step in the process.

It Is All In the Name of Learning

The point of Business Intelligence is to make you smart. That equates to learning. Learn to make better decisions. Learn to be more accountable. Learn what works and what doesn’t. Important to this process is the need to set expectations and forecasts, track them, and learn from the results.

Refining Expectations

The goal … no the expectation is to become better. You are looking to see marked improvements. This is a process of measurement, experimentation, and (as noted earlier) learning. It is a matter of tools, time, and iteration.

As you progress from one level to the next, you open the doors to true big data and machine learning opportunities. But don’t get a head of yourself… there is a danger in overlooking present needs.

Changing The Way You Work

Intelligent organizations still work on instinct, but that instinct is empowered. Expectations are documented, tracked, and measured. They are embedded into the BI systems themselves. It creates accountability. It creates insight and learning. It changes the way your team communicates and works, even the very culture of the company. It is a game of influence, don’t over look the power of business intelligence.

People and companies who focus on raising their business intelligence to the next level will hold a competitive advantage. It is a small investment that pays huge dividends, but you need the right support. Thanks for reading! And best of luck in your efforts.

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