Data & Analytic Solutions
C-Level Value @ Fractional Prices

Results in weeks, not months – for hundreds, not hundreds of thousands – by investing in your people, not other people’s software or sales quotas.

Our Mission

Analytics is the scientific discipline of providing reliable insights. It is a craft that requires experience and time. It is an art of technique and perspective. But for many it is viewed as a luxury investment reserved for only the largest companies or those in the world’s most lucrative industries.

We are challenging that model. Our products bring analytic support, planning, and advisory to companies and professionals at a fraction of the cost of those older processes. We are closing the data divide and putting true analytic success within reach of our clients.

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Analytic Innovation

Discovery & Diagnostics
The health of your business is critical. Through our analytic discovery sessions we can help you develop the analytics you need to take your business to the next level.

Information Engineering
We can design the data structures and flows you need to measure your business. Develop information strategies that provide reliable insights and meaningful intelligence.

Our creative analytic approach will help your company succeed. Our innovative planning sessions allow you to develop new perspectives and new techniques. We can guide you to efficient and effective analytic success.

Case Studies

Your Customer’s Journey
Corsair’s can bring your customer’s story to life. Let’s us storyboard their journey, map the data you need to collect, and develop custom segmentation strategies to propel your business forward. Our solutions are elegant and actionable.

Our Approach

The current model of analytic support feature teams of analysts with sizable overhead for licensing, software, and benefits. It is not a solution that works for most companies. Analyst attrition is among the highest of any profession. ROI has become mythical. Corsair’s provides a solution that works. It is a plan for success.

Our fractional analytic support & training model provides you the experience you need at a fraction of the typical investment. It delivers results in days, not week. And allows your company to grow by investing in your own people, not other people’s technology and sales goals.

Return on Excellence

There is an intersection between ROI and COE. We understand how to create, organize, manage, and optimize analytic functions of any scale. True excellence allows controlled investment to generate out sized returns.

Talent Evaluation
It is critical to hire the right people. Our experts have decades of experience hiring top talent for businesses in all stages of development. Let us help you.

Learning & Education
Need to train your staff? We offer training in most business intelligence and analytic platforms. We are versed in the best technologies and use innovative techniques to assist in comprehension and engagement.

Analytic Capacity Development
Every analytic unit struggles to increase their capacity. We can backstop your organization, providing flexible support at reasonable prices. It is the leverage you need to grow and thrive.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are innovative. They are fast. They are effective. They are empowering. They are an investment in your company and your people.  We provide you the advice you want, the plan you need, and the coaching you require to grow your business. It is a C-level solution at a fractional price.

Intelligent Solutions

Financial Modeling
Need the ability to develop P&Ls faster? Pro-formas, ROI calculators, forecasting models – we can address your needs in an easy, elegant, and adaptive fashion.

Adaptive Systems
Looking for data science that drives returns? Adaptive systems create efficiency and leverage. We’ve designed systems across marketing, compliance, risk, accounting, and finance.

Data-driven organizations need the proper tools, models, and equipment. Our experience allows us to develop the right tools and technology for your needs. From off-the-shelf recommendations to custom-built solutions, we provide top flight decision-science and support.

Dashboards and Reporting
Hindsight. Insight. Foresight. Businesses need reliable tracking, reporting, and intelligence solutions to facilitate understanding and empower data driven decision making.

Your Experience

Grow with confidence. Hire with certainty. Learn what it takes to help your business to succeed. Monetize your data. Take your data and your company to the next level. Empowering. Educational. Engaging.

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Client Feedback

Fast, effective and efficient, George’s team builds trust through the insights they derive. I have witnessed time and again this teams ability to identity, and solve, complex business problems through data.

Paige Cox Lisk

Chief People Officer,

Corsair is a team of problem solvers.  They dig in and get to the essence of complex issues quickly.   After jumping in and helping to define a solution, they focus on knowledge transfer thereby making your team stronger by being better trained.  They are humble experts that want to solve problems and make your company stronger.

Larry Fiorino

President & Founder, G1440

Corsair’s is the trusted analytic partner that you want to work with.  They put their creativity, resourcefulness and leading edge analytic tools and technologies to work to quickly solve your business problems.  Their team is composed of world class talent that is very effective at developing analytic professionals.

Carolyn Groobey

Angel Investor & Former VP, Product Development, PayPal

George was an uber valuable partner of mine when we worked together at Bill Me Later / Paypal and no one was more excited than me when he stepped out of PayPal and launched Corsair’s – I had my partner back. George and the Corsair’s team have been there to support me whenever I needed to tap into their unique expertise from talent evaluation, to business intelligence, to KPI development. This team is smart, fast, innovative, and effective.
Greg Lisiewski
Founder and CEO, Blispay