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Leverage true analytic success through our revolutionary hybrid services model. We create excellence and drive results.

Our Mission

Analytics is an Art and a Science. It is the venue of true craftsmen, passed from master to journeymen to apprentice while continuing to integrate new ideas and new opportunities.
Corsair’s embraces the discipline needed to drive effective decision-making while avoiding the rigidity too often seen when the word ‘process’ comes into play. We bring the experience required to deliver quickly while incorporating fresh ideas and perspective.
We know the tricks of the trade. We develop the best practices. We present analytic results and processes in a manner relatable in both technical and domain-driven terms. We leverage this expertise to maximize your ROI and display results useful on the sales floor and in the board room.
We implement data-driven transformation to develop adaptive, intelligent systems.

Analytic Innovation

Forensics & Data Mining
Need a detective? Our analysts are experienced in forensic data analysis. We will help you analyze and correct your processes.

Information Engineering
Whether structured or unstructured, centralized or scattered about your organization — we can transform your data into the information and insight you need.

Our creative analytic approach will help your company succeed. From data collection & integration to forensic analysis & customer profiling, our associates solve problems and deliver true insights.

Case Studies

Your Customer’s Story
Corsair’s can bring your customer’s story to life. Beyond data; we can show you who they are, what they care about, and how they interact with you. Creating a customer profile that will help you tailor, segment, and better serve.

Our Approach

Analytics is both an Art and a Science. It is the venue of true craftsmen. Our company embraces the discipline you need to drive decision-making and has the experience you need to deliver quickly. We know that analytics is a return on excellence. We know the tricks of the trade, we developed the best practices, and we know how to leverage them to improve your ROI, to create data-driven transformation, and to develop adaptive and intelligent systems.

Return on Excellence

There is an intersection between ROI and COE. We understand how to create, organize, manage, and optimize analytic functions of any scale. True excellence allows controlled investment to generate out sized returns.

Talent Evaluation
It is critical to hire the right people. Our experts have decades of experience hiring top talent for businesses in all stages of development. Let us help you.

Learning & Education
Need to train your staff? We offer training in most business intelligence and analytic platforms. We are versed in the best technologies and use innovative techniques to assist in comprehension and engagement.

Analytic Capacity Development
Every analytic unit struggles to increase their capacity. We can backstop your organization, providing flexible support at reasonable prices. It is the leverage you need to grow and thrive.

Our Solutions

Analytic Solutions are tools for your business. They need to be built to the highest standards, deliver the highest value, and never compromise on quality. Our analytic craftsmen can customize tools to your needs – the right fit at the right price.

Intelligent Solutions

Financial Modeling
Need the ability to develop P&Ls faster? Pro-formas, ROI calculators, forecasting models – we can address your needs in an easy, elegant, and adaptive fashion.

Adaptive Systems
Looking for data science that drives returns? Adaptive systems create efficiency and leverage. We’ve designed systems across marketing, compliance, risk, accounting, and finance.

Data-driven organizations need the proper tools, models, and equipment. Our experience allows us to develop the right tools and technology for your needs. From off-the-shelf recommendations to custom-built solutions, we provide top flight decision-science and support.

Dashboards and Reporting
Hindsight. Insight. Foresight. Businesses need reliable tracking, reporting, and intelligence solutions to facilitate understanding and empower data driven decision making.

Your Experience

Conquer your challenges. Explore new opportunities. Embrace new business capabilities. And experience the satisfaction that analytic success can provide your business. Set your course.

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Client Feedback

George and his team were critical to uncovering data-driven insights for use in driving marketing promotions / campaigns. George specifically enabled Marketing to use data to refine and optimize point of sale marketing programs to meet client objectives, ensure client value while maintaining a positive ROI. George has a unique ability to grasp strategy and then use rich data to drive execution.

As the Director of Merchant Marketing, responsible for increasing merchant partners sales via marketing programs, I utilized the services of George and his team to ensure that the front end and back end analysis of marketing programs provided me with the necessary yard stick to evaluate the viability of such programs.

George was always able to turn data into information. His conclusions were always on target and recommendations actionable.

George was, and is, an innovator of tools, of methods, and of new ways of thinking. In his leadership role as VP, Marketing Analysis at Advanta, he challenged his people to be analytical, creative and practical in their application of their science, just as I believe George was himself. He fostered an approach built on superior intelligence made practical through hard work and he maintained an unrelenting focus on the target at hand, parlaying formal academic knowledge through the development and application of tools that would bring strategic business insights to the fore.

To his credit, George never lost sight of his true purpose – to deliver intelligence and information-backed solutions to management on a timely basis. His cerebral nature of how to approach and solve every challenge was always grounded in getting the job done and the answers to the decision-makers.